The analysis and measurements to be made in accordance with the environmental laws and regulations are the determinants and the most important parts of the environmental management processes. In the context of the European Union harmonization laws and the Kyoto Protocol, the environmental issue, which has gained great importance, is related to the measures in the context of the Prevention of pollution. As a result of the measurements, the emission discharge points and all environmental elements are guaranteed by Measure facilities that will provide the limit values of the measurement results previously determined by law. If the measurement results provide limit values, the permit of the enterprise or industry organization will result in a positive licensing process, and if the existing permit is available, it will be continued.

In addition to all legal requirements, continuous process development studies are carried out in our R & D laboratory. The processes suitable for the enterprise and the optimum working processes are created, as well as the production and implementation of new technologies are continuing continuously.

In order to project clean water treatment facilities and determine the efficiency of the facility, the analyses in the water are very important. These analyses are carried out periodically and the analyses are analyzed and reported to the customer by our engineers. In addition, these reports shed light on the solution of problems that may arise or may occur as a result of the operation of the treatment plant. All water analysis is done by our company.


Wastewater analysis includes the project of wastewater treatment plants, the determination of wastewater treatment and the analysis of the effluent treatment plant in effluent water.

According to the communiqué on sampling and analysis methods of Water Pollution Control Regulation, the discharge water of the treatment plants should be analyzed periodically and reported to the Ministry of Environment and urbanization.

All wastewater parameters are carried out in our laboratory.

Laboratory Services

Water and wastewater-water analysis:

– determination of PH
– Conductivity Determination
– Colors
– Acidity / Alkalinity Determination
– Collapsible Solid Matter
– Suspended Solids
– Determination Of Sulfide
– Heavy Metal Analysis (CD, Pb, Cu, Ni, Cr, Zn, …)
– Total Nitrogen
– Fluoride / Chloride
– Chrome + 6
– Cyanide / Sulfur / Iodide
– Sulfate
– Koi
– Phosphorus / Phosphate

Exploration and project design;

Main operations performed by our company within the scope of Service:

– Capacity (flow rate) determination of
– To carry out the work of refinement
– Process selection
– Equipment Selection
– Preparation of project drawings
– Preparation of Project Report
– Creating cost analysis
– Preparation of application projects