Filtration units make the sediment, sand, suspended solids and unwanted substances that cause turbidity suitable for use by purifying water filtration systems are used as pre-treatment for process and drinking water treatment. It is also used to remove the turbidity of purified water obtained from waste water treatment systems.


Drinking water treatment from domestic and industrial treatment systems to work more effectively to protect the unit and after the self makes of these units.


Aware that each company needs water in different quality according to the way it is used, our company designs special units and offers alternative solutions to the companies.

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Deionization units, one of the important technologies used in pure water treatment, are among the main advantages of the system besides low operating costs, lack of staff and better results in the quality of output water compared to other systems can be considered.

In deionization systems, it is aimed to purify water by using cationic and anionic ion exchange resins. Deionization systems are widely used in manufacturing industry and industrial facilities with high levels of pure water.

Deionization units include cationic and anionic resin. The unit where cation ions are removed is called Cation exchanger, and the unit where anion ions are removed is called anion exchanger. The unit that contains both resin and cationic ions is called mixed Bed ion exchanger (mixed Bed).

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Chlorine Dosing Systems

Chlorine dosing units are used to oxidize oxidisable substances such as nitrite, iron, manganese present in the water and disinfect contaminants such as bacteria and viruses.

Ultraviolet Sterilization Systems

Because of its ease of use ultraviolet ray is widely used disinfection methods. In this method, water is controlled and exposed to UV radiation. The radiation stops the DNA activity and reduces the bacteria. With proper design and periodic maintenance, ultraviole systems are a simple and reliable method that reduces bacteria by 99%.

Ozone Systems

Ozone is a powerful oxidant and has a high oxidation power.Although the bactericidal effects of ozone resemble chlorine, it is twice as effective as chlorine.

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