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Zema Treatment in Turkey since 2001 and has been operating in the refining industry in the world.

Our company aims at ıtım designing the plants with the highest quality and minimum operating costs ıtım within the scope of the operation of the facilities related to wastewater treatment.

As Zema Treatment, we provide all kinds of technical support and consultancy services as well as project, manufacturing and construction issues.

During the Environmental Permit process, we ensure that the process is carried out in a healthy manner, in the process of obtaining the necessary permits and licenses.
Our Quality Management System is to ensure the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard.

We provide the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard, our legal and other requirements.

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– Biological Wastewater Treatment
– Industrial Treatment
– Package Treatment
– Domestic Wastewater Treatment
– Chemical Wastewater Treatment

– Project planning
– Environment and Consulting
– Wastewater Treatment Plant Consultancy
– Wastewater Treatment Plant Management
– Service and Maintenance

All water and wastewater treatment plants in Turkey and abroad; design, construction, equipment supply, installation, commissioning and operation services.

We provide services for the establishment and operation of package treatment units for small industrial wastewaters with pollution sites and resorts.

We provide operational, maintenance, overhaul engineering services for the treatment systems, and we recommend the engineering solutions necessary to make the facilities that do not work as a result of incorrect design or capacity increase.

We provide regular services to your existing treatment facilities by providing them with full capacity, by measuring the parameters responsible for the regulations and by reporting the parameters responsible for the regulations of the treatment plant.

We make the selection and sale of all equipments to be used in the treatment plants.
We perform wastewater treatment plants, design, construction, equipment supply, installation, commissioning and operation.

Within the scope of our laboratory services, we conduct purification studies together with water and wastewater analyzes.